One million ‘taps’…and countingOur capped contactless payments are proving to be a popular travel option

Our customers have now made over one million ‘tapped’ payments since we launched our capped contactless payments on 24 July.

The scheme was Scotland’s first ‘contactless and capped’ transport payment system.

Nigel Serafini, Lothian’s Commercial Director said:

We’re excited to have been the first bus operator in Scotland to introduce capped contactless payments to our customers. To have hit one million taps in just over a month is incredible and we are completely overwhelmed by how quickly Edinburgh’s residents and visitors have embraced this new payment method.

We look forward to introducing the next phase of this project with our technology partners at Flowbird across the next few months.

The Flowbird technology behind our contactless system makes it easy for our customers to travel in the city using their contactless bank cards and mobile devices. You simply need to board the bus and tap yourcard on a validator – there’s no need search for cash or even ‘tap off’ at the end of the journey.

The scheme caps the cost of multiple journeys made on the same day – after three or more taps the system automatically charges the user the best day ticket price for their journeys.

Owen Griffith, Managing Director of Flowbird Transport Intelligence, said:

We are delighted that so many people have embraced the convenience of ‘#TapTapCap’ and to have reached one million taps in such a short period of time demonstrates how popular this facility is.

As a long-term technology partner for Lothian, we share their vision of making public transport as accessible as possible, and this system – requiring just one tap per journey – is both super convenient and secure.