Tap, Tap, Cap – no need to decide what ticket to purchase, just tap your contactless card or device every time you need to travel and we’ll automatically charge you the cheapest daily fare for the journeys you’ve made.

Paying by contactless is easy!  All you need to do is:

  • tap your card or device on the card reader
  • wait for the positive beep and green lights
  • take a seat!

Daily capping is currently only available on Lothian city services, LothianCountrySkylink, and service 43.  We’re working on adding daily capping to Airlink and EastCoastbuses, and this will become available in a future update – keep an eye out on this website and our social media feeds for updates.

Contactless payments are only currently available for individual travel. You can’t share the same contactless card to pay for travel – if you’re travelling with other people, each person must use a different contactless card.  We’re working on adding the ability to purchase paper tickets with contactless, without any capping, which will become available in a future update.

Daily capping is applied to the card or device used, so please continue to use the same contactless card or device for the rest of that day. If you swap between different payment cards or devices, your payments will not be capped.  For example, if you use both a contactless card and a phone to pay for travel in the same day, your payments will not be capped (even if they’re funded by the same bank account).

You can view your payment and journey history here.

We request the funds for any journeys made using contactless cards or devices in the early hours of the following morning.  If that transaction is declined, the card or device will not be accepted for travel until the outstanding balance is paid.  If your card has been denied for travel, please enter your details here to find out if a balance is still outstanding and how to re-enable your card or device.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Looking for contactless information for our Airlink and EastCoastbuses services? Click here.

Contactless Terms & Conditions