Contactless Payment Cards – Conditions of Use

Last updated: July 2019

1. Introduction

1.1. These Conditions of use apply to you when you are using a contactless payment card or device to pay for travel on Lothian services where accepted. These Conditions of Use set out your rights and obligations when using a contactless payment card and apply in addition to other Conditions of Carriage. See
1.2. For the purposes of these Conditions, a contactless payment card is a card or any device that is used to make contactless payments and which is used for travel on Lothian services.
1.3. Lothian reserve the right to amend these Conditions at any time. The most up to date version can be found online at

2. Using your contactless card/device

2.1. It is your responsibility to check the fare for your journey before you travel. Full fare information is available online at, or the fare can be requested from the driver.
2.2. You must tap your contactless payment card or device on the card reader at the start of each journey. On services which have more than one Adult Single fare, you must state your intended destination before tapping your card – on these services a ticket will be issued.
2.3. When you tap your contactless payment card/device on the card reader you are giving authorisation for the cost of your journey, including any unpaid fares, to be charged to your card account.
2.4. We will charge the fares(s) for the journey(s) to your account after you have completed your journey(s) for that day. The amount charged to your contactless payment card account will be the fare(s) appropriate for the services and zones you actually used and/or any unpaid fares owing.
2.5. Daily capping is applied to the card or device used.  If you have more than one contactless payment card or device and wish to benefit from daily capping, you must choose which card or device you wish to use to pay for travel. You should continue to use the same card or device to pay for any further journeys on the same day.
For example, if you use your phone to travel for a journey, then your watch for a second journey, and then your contactless payment card for a final journey, these journeys will be treated as 3 different passengers, so a daily cap will not be applied.
2.6. If your card is declined when we submit it for payment, you authorise us to seek to take payment using your card details again on a number of additional occasions until we receive the full payment. We will not seek payment on more than three occasions nor more than once a day nor for longer than 30 days after your payment was declined.
2.7. If your card is declined when we submit it for payment, we will also attempt to collect any unpaid fares the next time you touch your card on a card reader.
2.8. If you have unpaid fares for previous travel, you will not be permitted to travel using the contactless payment card that has unpaid fares against it until the amount owed has been paid in full.
2.9. Only one person at a time can use a contactless payment card or device for travel. You may pay another person’s fare with a contactless payment card/device only if you have paid your fare by another means (including another payment card/device).
2.10. A green light, accompanied by one beep, means that your contactless payment card has been accepted for travel. A red light, accompanied by two beeps, means your contactless payment card has been rejected. You cannot travel until either your contactless payment card has been accepted for travel or you have paid for your journey by a different means.
2.11. Damaged contactless payment cards may not be accepted.
2.12. You may be required to show your contactless payment card/device, and/or ticket if one was issued, to a Company official during your journey if asked to do so.
2.13. You can see a history of your travel with your contactless payment card/device using the customer portal, available at To view your journey history you must provide your contactless payment card/device number, the expiry date and the card security code. Your journey history will show your detailed journey and payment history for the past seven days.

3. Privacy

3.1. All payment card data, including those details entered via the customer portal, is secured at the point of entry using the latest encryption technologies, in accordance with PCI data security standards. We do not store personal data against contactless payment card use, and journey history associated with a contactless payment card is removed after seven days.

4. Refunds

4.1. If you have used your contactless payment card but have paid more than the advertised fare for the journey(s) actually made, Lothian may refund the amount overpaid subject to you having tapped upon boarding as required. Lothian may do this automatically, otherwise you will have to contact Customer Services. An overpayment slip is available from the driver on request.

5. Getting in touch

0131 555 6363
Customer Services: Fill out an email request at:
0131 554 4494 (Mon-Fri, 0830-1700)