Lothian: Driving towards Net ZeroLothian publishes details of fleet decarbonisation strategy

An exciting next chapter in Lothian’s journey to reduce emissions and achieve ambitious net zero goals has begun, with the launch of Lothian: Driving towards Net Zero.

The strategy takes a phased and structured approach, and Lothian’s expertise – coupled with partnership working and funding opportunities – will ultimately deliver a significant switch from conventional diesel to zero emission vehicles and infrastructure.

“Lothian’s decarbonisation plan is hugely exciting for us as an operator but also for the city and the communities we serve. As the main bus operator in Edinburgh, we are fully committed to ensuring we play our part in reducing emissions across Edinburgh and the Lothians, ultimately becoming fully net zero by 2035. We’re thrilled to be able to share the details of these plans which have been a long time in the making.”

Colin Barnes
Lothian’s Engineering Director

The first phase of the strategy, from now until the end of 2025, is dedicated to fleet investment an infrastructure. Lothian’s existing fleet replacement programme has seen the removal of around 12,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from our carbon footprint in a ten-year period. Our business is acutely aware of the effects its services have on our environment and communities, and its responsibilities in achieving local and national government climate change targets.

In the fleet replacement strand of the strategy, a significant investment has already been committed for the purchase of new double deck electric vehicles together with the required infrastructure for Lothian’s Central and Marine depots.

Lothian: Driving towards Net Zero decarbonisation strategy timeline.

The following types of vehicles are being considered as part of this strategy:

  • Fully electric with overnight charging capability that will cover the entire daily service with one charge.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell that will be refuelled at the end of service.
  • Fully electric with opportunity charging facilities within the route.

Under this strategy, Lothian will announce an exciting and innovative scoping project which will explore the feasibility of repowering mid-life diesel buses to electric.  Pioneering this technology will allow for potential acceleration of the net zero plan.

To find out more, visit www.lothianbuses.co.uk/netzero