We’re Proud to Support Pride

Following the unveiling of our NEW eye-catching rainbow coloured bus last night (19 June), we are delighted to announced our partnership with Pride Edinburgh.

We will be the organisation’s official transport partner, helping to promote equality and diversity in and around the capital city.

The bus, wrapped in Pride colours and logos and designed by our in-house design team, was gifted to Pride Edinburgh and will be part of the Pride Scotia March Saturday.

Look out for our drivers wearing a splash of colour along with their uniforms across the day.

It is already a huge hit with our customers and the residents of Edinburgh.

Brett Herriot from Pride Edinburgh said:

We are delighted to develop our partnership with Lothian, in this year where prides around the world mark the 50th Anniversary of the stonewall uprising the global starting point for the pride movement and in Lothians Centenary year its a potent marker of how far we have come on the journey to equality for all irrespective of colour, creed, gender or sexuality. The new Pride bus will be a shining beacon in the city and will showcase Lothians inclusive working environment and the welcoming service it provides for all citizens of the capital city.

Gaynor Marshall, Lothian’s Communications Director said:

Lothian are thrilled to be expanding our support for Pride Edinburgh as their official transport partner for this year. As one of the largest employers in Edinburgh with over 2500 people across our business, Pride Edinburgh shares our ethos of creating a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion.  We really look forward to seeing our amazing, eye-catching and vibrant bus on the streets around Edinburgh and the Lothians celebrating the diversity of our Capital City.

The Pride Scotia March kicks off from 11.30am on Saturday. More information can be found at www.prideedinburgh.org.uk/march