Meet Andrew – A Chef at our Longstone GarageThe Year of Young People 2018

2018 is the Year of Young People in Scotland.

For the next installment of our young Lothian people blogs, meet Andrew.

Andrew is 19 and a chef at our Longstone Garage.  The company have recently put him through his Professional Cookery 2 Course and he is now working towards his Supervisory Cooking Level 3.

What is the best thing about growing up in Scotland?
Scotland allows students from the country free further education, where as those wishing to study from other areas of the UK have to pay tuition fees.

What would you most like people from older generations to know about young people?
Growing up, I believe that the older generation seem to think that we don’t know a lot about the world we live in and that we aren’t hard working, where as we are in fact world wise and our opinions and views need to be registered, we also have a personal goals, aspiration’s in our personal and working lives that we want to achieve.

What is your biggest achievement to date?
It would be passing my driving test owning my own car. It has given me the opportunity to become independent.

What would you most like to achieve in the future?
To have successfully secure a career that will allow me to settle down in my own property when the time comes.

Which young Scot inspires you
I can’t think of any young Scot who inspires me the most, all I can say the person who inspires me the most and who has helped and has always been there for me is my dad. Who has always taught me what is right and wrong and never give up on your goals.

Why did you pick Lothian
I actually think Lothian picked me. I started working the backshift in central kitchen part time. While I was still at college. I started full time for the summer in the Longstone kitchen as I was getting ready to go back for my second year of education David Pennycuick, Catering Manager and Margaret Lyon, Longstone Catering Manager approached me and wanted to know if I would consider working at Lothian full time and continuing my education on the job, with outside tutor. I chose to do this and I believe to this day that it was the right decision.

I have now finished my apprentice trainee as a chef which I am very happy with. I have also spoken to Margaret and have now been put forward to do a supervisory course at Lothian. This is why I like working at Lothian Catering, it gives me opportunity to improve and helps me one step closer to my goals.

What’s great about the year of young people
It give the younger generation the opportunity to show off their talents and demonstrate and achieve their goals and aspiration’s.