Meet GaryFrom our West End TravelHub

As part of our series of interviews with some of our longest serving employees for our centenary year celebrations, meet Gary, who works in our West End TravelHub. He has been with the company for 21 years.

When did you start working with the company

I started working with Lothian in 1994.

What role were you in/ what do you do now

I started as a Ticket Seller at Edinburgh Bus Tours, while I was at college. I now work in the Travelhub, and have done for the last 20 odd years.

What is the biggest change you have seen in your time with the company

Without a doubt it’s been the advancement in technology. When I first started one and 4 week Ridacards were paper and had to start on a Sunday. We then introduced Smartcards, and now we have contactless payment on the buses.

Tell us your favourite Lothian memory

In my time with Lothian I have met and worked with some really great people. The most memorable must be as at ticket seller.

I asked a lady if she would like to go on the tour, and in a Texan drawl she replied “No thanks, I did that in London!“. And in the shops, a wee old lady came in and asked “ what bus do you get to Fort Knox ?” to which we replied “ Do you mean Fort Kinnaird “.

What are you looking forward to about this years celebrations

Our Open Days are great occasions , but I think this years will be something special as it is our Centenary year.

Also, we have now our new shop in Shandwick Place, I absolutely love it, it’s very modern and welcoming. It also has an amazing coffee shop!

The staff are amazing and they make their own scones ever morning which are without bias, Delish !