Everything you need to know about our capped contactless system

Our capped contactless payment system launched just over two months ago and during that time over two million journeys have been made using it.

It gives you a fast and convenient way to pay for your bus journeys across our network.

If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s all the information you need:

1. If you’re not sure how many journeys you will be making in a day or which ticket to buy, just tap your contactless card or device every time travel and we’ll only charge you the cheapest fare for the journeys you’ve made that day and night.

2. You can view your journeys and payment history for the past 7 days here on our website.

If you’re looking at your bank statement, please be aware that the date payments appears on your bank statement will not be the same as the date you travelled.  We request payment the day after you have travelled, and the payment can take a couple of working days to appear on your bank statement.

Multiple payments may be debited from your bank account on the same day – most customers who travel on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will experience this if their bank doesn’t process payments over the weekend.

3. Daily capping is applied to the card or device used, so please continue to use the same contactless card or device for the rest of that day.  If you’re travelling with other people, each person must use a different contactless card – we’re working on adding the ability to purchase paper tickets with contactless for other people, without any capping, which will become available in a future update.