Meet PeterOne of our Controllers

As part of our series of interviews with some of our longest serving employees for our centenary year celebrations, meet Peter, who works in our Control Room.  He has been with the company for 34 years.

When did you start working with the company?
I started working with Lothian in May 1985.

What role were you in / what do you do now?
I was a bus drver at Maringe Garage before becoming an Inspector at Central Garage.  I then worked in the patrol vans for 5 years before moving to the Control Room.  I have been there for 20 years.

What is the biggest change you have seen in your time with the company?
I’ve seen lots of changes. The buses are nothing like the buses when I drove, they have developed so much.  The technology we have in our control is amazing now with real time information and the ability to track and contact all our buses.  When I started in the control room there was 2 people.  We now have a team of 15 with 7 controllers on day shift.

Tell us your favourite Lothian memory?
Around 18 years ago I got a call on the radio from a Marine driver to say there was a kanagroo jumping in front of his bus at Clerwood.  It had escaped from the zoo!!

What are you looking forward to about this years celebrations?
Seeing some of the faces that I used to work with and remembering everyone’s stories.