Meet ScottOur Payroll Manager

As part of our series of interviews with some of our longest serving employees for our centenary year celebrations, meet Scott Munro, our Payroll Manager.  Scott has been with the company for 30 years.

When did you start working with the company?
Monday 1 May 1989.

What role were you in / what do you do now?
I started with Lothian as an agency temp in April 1989 and was hired as a Payroll Clerk the following month. From there I was promoted to Senior Payroll Clerk followed quickly by a promotion to Traffic Payroll Supervisor. More recently I stepped up to Assistant Payroll Manager for a short period before finally reaching my goal of Payroll Manager in April 2018.

What is the biggest change you have seen in your time with the company?
Technology!! When I was a lad we used paper and pencils. A job that took a team of twenty people two days to complete can now be done by one person in a matter of hours!! And the story doesn’t end there……With paper rapidly becoming a thing of the past the payroll team are looking at ways of moving towards going paperless and investigating the possibilities of e-payslips!!

Tell us your favourite Lothian memory?
I have two.
I live in Dunfermline and was privileged to witness the most amazing spectacle of the Lothian fleet lined up to transport people to the Queensferry Crossing. A very proud moment indeed.

Lothian have always been happy to help charity. One of my proudest days at work was Pink Day 2011. A day spent with pink everything…..even my hair!! managed to raise an amazing £5,675.00 for breast cancer awareness.

What are you looking forward to about this years celebrations?
Lothian know how to livery a bus!! I think we could put on a pretty special show simply by shrink wrapping buses with graphics to highlight the 100 year journey of public transport in Edinburgh over the past 100 years. Oh! And a party would be good too!!!!