Bus Stop InformationFind out what's involved in keeping you informed.

Did you know it takes over 1000 man hours to create the information panels that are displayed at the bus stops in our operating area, and over 230 man hours to fit them?

This is one of the jobs of our Operations Infrastructure Department who play a critical part in keeping you, our customers updated with bus stop travel information.

The team of five make sure the information at the bus stops in Edinburgh and the Lothians is up to date and relevant, and make sure the bus numbers on over 2000 bus stop flags within the City of Edinburgh region are correct.

Whether it’s a network wide service change, roadworks or major city events, the team are responsible for keeping over 2,900 bus stops updated.

Next time you are in a bus stop, take a minute to have a look at the amount of work that goes into each stop and look out for the guys at a stop near you.