On this page you’ll find the most recent versions of our main policy documents. This includes our Conditions of Carriage which we’d encourage you to read.

Select the document(s) you want to download from the list below and please let us know if you can’t find what you’re looking for.
Modern Slavery Act Statement
08-02-2019 Download
FOI Model Publication Scheme
04-02-2019 Download
04-02-2019 Download
04-02-2019 Download
Call Recording Policy
14-11-2018 Download
Conditions of Carriage
25-10-2018 Download
04-09-2018 Download
Subject Access Request Form
You should complete this form if you want us to supply you with a copy of any personal data we hold about you. 24-07-2018 Download
M-tickets Privacy Notice
03-07-2018 Download
Annual Report 2017
22-06-2018 Download
Lothian Customer Privacy Notice
22-05-2018 Download
Lothian Data Protection Policy
22-05-2018 Download
Lothian CCTV Policy
22-05-2018 Download
Lost Property Privacy Notice
22-05-2018 Download
FOI Guide to Charges
15-05-2018 Download
12-05-2018 Download
Gardening Scotland Competition Terms & Conditions
09-05-2018 Download
21-04-2018 Login
Lothian Calendar 2018
22-12-2017 Download
Lothian Buses Statutory Accounts 2015
29-06-2016 Download
Environmental Policy
15-06-2016 Download
14-08-2015 Download
Lothian Buses Statutory Accounts 2014
14-08-2015 Download
Annual Report 2013
01-07-2014 Download
Annual Report 2012
30-06-2013 Download
27-06-2012 Download
Accessibility FAQs
27-06-2012 Download
Accessibility Review
27-06-2012 Download
27-06-2012 Download
Annual Report 2011
02-01-2012 Download
Annual Report 2010
01-04-2010 Download