Lothian are committed to creating an accessible and inclusive environment in which disabled individuals, families and anyone with additional access needs can feel confident and safe.
two pregnant women

Expectant parents

Customers who are expecting are encouraged to use our priority seating when required for their own safety.

All of our buses can be lowered to make it easier for individuals to get on and off safely.

man pushing buggy with shopping bag

Buggy users

We understand that travelling with young children can be difficult. For those wishing to use our services, we recommend that customers consider foldable and lightweight buggies to make travel as safe and as easy as possible.

Lightweight and foldable buggies make it easier to get onto and off of the bus, as well as manoeuvring through the aisles and positioning safely in the wheelchair accessible or shared spaces. It also means that the buggy can be collapsed and stored as luggage on our busier services or where the wheelchair accessible space and/or additional shared spaces are in use.

All wheelchair accessible spaces on our buses are a minimum size of 1.3 metres in length by 0.75 metres in width, in accordance with the Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations. When these spaces are not required by a wheelchair user, they may be used by a buggy user. Please note: any buggy used in this space must fit safely without causing an obstruction to the aisle or other seats. This maximum size includes any attachments, handles or bags.

two children and one is waving hello

Travelling with children

For customers travelling with young children who no longer use a buggy, many of our buses have ‘parent and child’ seats located at the very front of the bus near the driver. These allow easy access and are close to the doors and driver.

Please ask your bus driver if you require any assistance or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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If you need extra help to make your journey, the Thistle Assistance Card is available to assist anyone who has difficulty using public transport because of age, disability or illness.

This can be especially useful for individuals with a hidden disability to discreetly alert drivers to their additional needs.

To find out more about this free scheme visit www.thistleassistance.com

woman saying here to help

We are here to help

Lothian acknowledge and support the fact that not all disabilities are visible and our customers should be able to travel free from judgement. We aim to create a culture of inclusion across Edinburgh and hope all of our customers support us by showing patience and kindness to each other and our colleagues. If you require any additional support with your journey planning or any aspect of your travel with us, please contact our dedicated Accessibility team via email to [email protected]

Your safety is our priority

Lothian believe that our colleagues and customers have the right to travel without receiving any form of abuse.

Lothian operate a zero-tolerance policy towards any physical or verbal abuse directed at our colleagues or customers, and CCTV and audio recording is in operation on all of our buses.

If you wish to report an incident or provide us with any feedback, please contact our Customer Support Department.

If you need to report a hate crime, please call 101.

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