At Lothian, we are committed to providing a sustainable, environmentally-friendly public transport service.

Lothian recognises that we have an important role to play in helping the Scottish Government meet its climate change and air quality targets. Under our Bus 2020 Environmental Strategy, we have committed to reducing our emissions footprint by 42% against our baseline.

We have introduced ambitious environmental targets across Lothian and by 2020 we aim to have achieved significant reductions in Greenhouse Gas emissions, building energy, water consumption and waste.

Bus 2020

Lothian has a vision to deliver a world-class, efficient and green bus service.

Our position as the region’s main bus operator brings with it considerable responsibility with regard to the environment and the way we manage our business. We are lucky to be based in Edinburgh, one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That’s something to be protected at all costs. We’re the first to acknowledge that our business activities have an effect on the city we live in and work hard to reduce the impact of running bus services on our streets.

Cleaner and greener buses save thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year and help to tackle the growing issue of air pollution in Scotland’s towns and cities.

We are fully committed to providing a sustainable transport service and have made substantial investments in low emission buses including hybrid and Euro VI. Our new Euro VI buses see up to a 98% reduction in harmful emissions.

In 2017 we took a huge step forward with the introduction of new zero emission electric buses, which not only improve the city’s air quality, they’re helping to reduce noise pollution too. As a result of these and other initiatives, we now operate one of the greenest and youngest bus fleets in the UK, delivering a sustainable public transport service.

Internal environmental strategy

We are a socially-responsible business, committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities both internally and externally.

Our environmental impact includes internal operations and the resources that we use during the day to day running of our garages. We have offices, canteens, engineering workshops and maintenance works which are primarily operational 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Our people play an active part in implementing the strategies that help to meet our targets and achieve the environmental goals we believe are important. 

These include:


We are reducing the amount of waste we produce, minimising pollution from landfill activity and recycling as much material as we can


We are careful to minimise our consumption of water with upgraded office facilities and bus-wash recycling schemes


We are making carbon savings from energy efficiency good practice and lowering electricity usage


We help to reduce pollution caused by car usage by encouraging staff to commute sustainability and actively

Sustainability in our canteens

Lothian has three canteens across our garages serving hot food to hundreds of staff members. In 2017, we converted the packaging and cutlery used in our canteens from polystyrene to biodegradable food packaging from supplier Vegware.

Vegware is compostable packaging made from plants and is disposed of in our food waste stream. From this investment we have diverted waste from our general waste stream and introduced a sustainable packaging alternative.


• VIBES Awards 2021 – Good Practice Award winner
• VIBES Awards 2016 – Transport Award winner
• Scottish Green Apple Awards 2016 – Environmental Best Practice
• Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Awards 2016 – Sustainable Development
• Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Awards 2014 – Sustainable Development
• Scottish Green Apple Awards 2013 – National Sustainability Champion
• Scottish Transport Awards 2013 – Contribution to Sustainable Transport winner
• UK Green Apple Awards 2013 – Transport Gold Award
• UK National Transport Awards 2013 – Contribution to Sustainable Transport winner
• UK Bus Awards 2013 – Environment Award winner
• VIBES Awards 2012 – Transport Award winner
• Scottish Green Awards 2012 – Best Green Large Company winner
• Green Tourism Business Scheme 2011 – Gold standard
• Scottish Green List 2010 – Top 20