Coach Parking Facilities

We have space and facilities at our Central Garage in Annandale Street for coach operators to park their coaches and for drivers to rest and recuperate.

On arrival

Be aware that we operate a 10mph speed limit and a one way traffic management system is in place which must be adhered to. Please observe all traffic signage on site.

Follow the yellow painted directional arrows around the one way system and proceed to park your vehicle in either bay 13 or 14.

Once parked up, please ensure you leave your vehicle in a safe condition with the engine turned off and the handbrake applied.

Proceed to the traffic office immediately using the designated walkways. You must sign in and will be issued with a visitor pass which you are required to wear visibly at all times. Read the guidance contained on your pass carefully.

Prior to departure, remember to sign out and return your pass.


Additional information for drivers

It is important to follow a few simple rules to ensure your safety whilst on our premises, you must:

  • Use designated walkways and pedestrian crossing points when travelling around garages.
  • Join/leave the designated walkway at the closest point to your vehicle.
  • Walk directly up/down the line of buses and not around the front/back or directly across main traffic routes.
  • Buses shall not be reversed at any time, even for short distances, without the aid of a trained banksman (contact traffic desk for assistance).

In areas where traffic movements are likely, mobile phones may only be used in a place of safety i.e. on a walkway or in a building etc., Earphones must not be worn under any circumstances within any traffic movement areas.

  • Engineering workshops are off-limits to all drivers.
  • Routine fire alarm testing is 10:45 every Friday.
  • Please familiarise yourself with fire assembly location.

Coach parking is available Monday — Saturday between 0830-1700. We look forward to welcoming you to Central Garage.

For more information about our Coach Parking Facilities please call 0131 554 4494 and select option 2

You can download a PDF copy of this information here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Central Garage.