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Accessibility FAQs.

Lothian endeavours to provide an inclusive service for bus travel in Edinburgh that is accessible to all.

How do I enable accessibility features in the app that hide the map and display only a list of stops and bus routes?

The accessibility features in the app are designed to better accommodate the needs of visually-impaired customers.

On the homepage, navigate to the Account tab. Choose Settings.

Toggle the circle next to Accessibility to activate the accessibility features.

Can I adjust the font size or contrast for better visibility?

Yes, you can. This can be done through third-party accessibility on your mobile device (both android and iOS systems).

Is there support for screen readers?

Yes, it’s compatible with third-party screen readers such as TalkBack on Android and VoiceOver iOS system.

Can I navigate the app using voice commands?

Not at the moment, however we are constantly making improvements to our services and customer experience. Users can use the text-to-speech function.

Can I customize the app interface to suit my accessibility needs?

Visually-impaired users can activate the accessibility function within the app. Visit How do I enable accessibility features in the app that hide the map and display only a list of stops and bus routes?

Additionally, you can utilise your device’s accessibility settings to further enhance your experience using the Bus & Tram App.

Are there alternative ways to input information for users with dexterity issues?

Yes; through your device’s text-to-speech function. Tap on the microphone symbol and record your preferred location/destination.

How do I report accessibility issues or suggest accessibility improvements for the app?

You can email us via our dedicated channel [email protected].

Does the app provide real-time information on accessible routes and services?

The App provides real-time information and all our services are accessible. However, currently, the Bus & Tram App does not offer real-time information specifically on accessible routes.

Are there features for users with hearing impairments, such as visual notifications or captions?

Yes, there are visual notifications. For chosen bus service, the app displays a map of the entire route, stop-by-stop, with arrival times shown for each stop.

When onboard my chosen bus, can I view upcoming stops and routes?

Yes. Within the app under the Travel tab, you would need to select Buses. Select your preferred Service e.g., 11 to Western Harbour. Once you have selected this, you will be taken to a screen displaying the  Next Stop and other services you will be able to board at the next stop.

How can I find the nearest stop to my current location?

Within Accessibility mode tap on the Travel tab and then select the Nearby option. This will highlight the closest stop to you, and also list other nearby stops, in order of distance. This automatically updates as you move using your devices GPS location. In this view, it details what services stop at this stop, as well as the distance between your device and the stop.

How do I find a departure board for a stop?

There are multiple ways to find a departure board:

  • Select the Travel tab and then select the Nearby option. Select a stop from the list of nearby stops to view its departure board.
  • Select the Travel tab and then search for a stop or location. This will return search results, with stops being the first section of the list. Select a stop from the list of stops to view its departure board.

How do I journey plan?

When in accessibility mode, to begin journey planning you first have to search for a place. Select an option from the search results. On the slider that appears, tap the directions button.

You will then be asked to enter a location of where you want to journey plan from. This can be your current location or an alternative location that can be found by searching.

After entering your starting location, journey plan results will be displayed. There will also be filter options such as changing the date and time, setting journey preferences and changing the start and destination locations.

Tapping on a result will display a breakdown of the journey, as well as a link to view the departure board(s) for stop(s) that you need to take a service from.

How do I view the map in a journey plan in accessibility mode?

In order to not to confuse screen readers, the map is hidden for journey plan results. If you wish to see a map for your journey plan result, please turn off accessibility mode and complete the journey plan again.

Why can’t I see Service Updates while in accessibility mode?

You can view Service Updates on the departure boards.

Is there support for users who require assistance while using the app?

Yes, there is support available. You can contact us through our dedicated accessibility email address [email protected] or phone 0131 475 0656. Alternatively, you can visit our Shandwick Place TravelHub located at 49 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh for face-to-face assistance.

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