Lothian are committed to accessibility on our buses.

We appreciate it’s a difficult and worrying time for everyone and we want to make sure all of our customers have access to our services.

Our buses remain available for everyone who requires to make a journey.

Wheelchair users and pushchairs

Our drivers will continue to deploy the ramp when required for wheelchair users or customers with pushchairs, but customers should wait at least 2m away from the door to allow the driver to deploy the ramp and maintain physical distance.

When getting off the bus, please press the bell and wait in the bay until the driver has deployed the ramp and then moved away from the bus, to give you social distance.

Mobile app for blind and partially-sighted customers

Our mobile app provides a number of features designed for blind and partially-sighted customers. These include:
Full use of VoiceOver that allows customers to move their finger over the phone’s screen and have information spoken to them as they move their finger
Stop Radar: by pointing their phone in the direction of a bus stop, the app will announce which bus stop it is and which services stop there.
Next Stop Announcements: when on a bus, the customer can select which bus route they are on and the app will announce the name of the next stop as the bus approaches (with buses fitted with Bluetooth beacons, the customer doesn’t even need to select which bus route they are on – the app knows automatically).
If you require further information and assistance with your journey, please feel free to contact us via email to